The VSP-3 (VSP; Russian: Вооруженный солдат перевозчик / Vooruzhennyy soldat perevozchik, Armed Soldier Transporter) is a Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier produced by (Arzamas Machinery Plant).


The VSP-3 is based off the BTR-80.


The BTR-80 is a somewhat older machine, but can still use a variety of different firepower modules.


The original module featured on the VSP-3 is configured to fight against infantry and softskinned vehicles. It features:

  • (KPV) 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • OPV-T 7.62mm Machine Gun

VSP-3 NovyyEdit

This newer armament module features a heavier cannon, and is better equipped to fight against a greater variety of foes. It features:

VSP-3 PodderzhkaEdit

This armament module features a mortar, and is intended to provide fire support for other units. It features:

  • (2A60) 120mm Mortar
  • OPV-T 7.62mm Machine Gun

VSP-3 ProtivotankovoyeEdit

This armament module is geared more towards anti-tank work. It features:

  • (KPV) 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • OPV-T 7.62mm Machine Gun
  • 4x (SPG-9) 73mm Recoilless Rifles

VSP-3 ModernizovaniEdit

This armament module greatly improves upon the similar Novyy module. It features:

  • 2x (2A7M) 23mm Automatic Cannons
  • OPV-T 7.62mm Machine Gun


The VST-3 features a number of unique countermeasure modules that can be installed.

VSP-3 DymEdit

This module is almost essential for effective concealment in the highly lethal battlefield. It features:

  • 6x 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers


This module features electronic countermeasures equipment that helps to jam enemy radio and radio-controlled explosives. It features:

  • Electronic Jammer Equipment