The VSN(S) (Russian: Вооруженный солдат носитель (сильный) / Vooruzhennyy soldat nositel' (sil'nyy), Armed Soldier Carrier (Heavy)) is a Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle produced by (Omsk Transmash).


The VSN(S) is based off the BTR-T.


The VSN(S) is particularly notable for the variety of heavy armament it can use.


The original module of the VSN(S) is configured to meet multiple threats. It features:


This module features the PtR74 Pobornik launcher replaced by a 30mm Grenade Launcher. It features:

VSN(S) Obrazets 2Edit

This module replaces the second weapon with an additional BKA-80-30 Autocannon.

VSN(S) Obrazets 4Edit

This module replaces the Autocannon with a Heavy Machine Gun.

  • (NSV) 12.7mm Machine Gun
  • 3x PtR74 Pobornik 135mm Anti-tank Guided Missiles

VSN(S) Obrazets 4-GEdit

This module replaces the Anti-tank Guided Missiles of Obrazets 4 with a 30mm Grenade Launcher.