The NSB-6 'Vovk' (NSB; Ukrainian: Перевізник Солдати з броні / Pereviznyk Soldaty z Broni, Carrier of Soldiers with Armour) is a Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier produced by Slobodan-Malenkov Locomotive Factory.

Design Edit

The NSB-6 'Vovk' is based off the BTR-4.

Firepower Edit

The NSB-6 can use a variety of different modules and modificatipons to increase and modify its firepower.

Vovk Typ 1 Edit

The standard module on the NSB-6 is the Typ 1, and it is suited for a variety of targets. It features:

Vovk Typ 1H Edit

The Vovk Typ 1H is identical to the Typ 1 module, except for the substitution of a 30mm Grenade Launcher. It features:

Vovk Typ 2 Edit

The second armament module on the Vovk is more suited to anti-personnel and anti-aircraft work. It features:

  • 2x (23x152m Cannon) 23mm Automatic Cannon
  • OPV-T 7.62mm Machine Gun

Vovk Typ 3 Edit

This module of the Vovk is outfitted for fire support. It features:

  • (120mm Gun) 120mm Gun
  • (TKB-01-1) 12.7mm Machine Gun